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Résumé Ashna Dawlat

Born 1969, grew up in Kurdistan Iraq

1989 completed a 5-year art college in Kurdistan Iraq and has studies and worked with sculpture and pottery as well as success in glass painting. She constantly work to expand her professional skills in may techniques and medias.

She moved to Sweden in 1994 and has worked as an art teacher for 16 years both in Iraq and Sweden.
Ashna holds courses and Work Shop for Women and Children in Sweden.

1999-2000 she has illustrated sam of Kurdish child books in Sweden.


Ashna Dawlat is from Kurdistan and has lived in Sweden since 1994.
In 1989, Dawlat completed a 5-year art college, she has also worked 16 years as an image teacher for different age groups both in Sweden and in her home country.
Dawlat moved to his new homeland Sweden in 1994, she has been involved with art all her life wide-ranging about her everyday work. Today Dawlat works as a VA engineer and holds art projects and art courses for all ages in his spare time.

Dawlat is curious and tries to paint with different art styles and materials, She is trying many kinds of art and materials, she has painted on glass and has many beautiful glass paintings, she has illustrated some Kurdish pedagogical children's books as well. Has also worked with both sculptor and ceramics during his art journey.
Dawlat feels most confident with paintings (paintings), she has both abstract and realist style, which prefers with the style realist humiliated to abstract.
Ashna is married, lives with her husband in Stockholm and has a son.

Individual exhibitions
2017 The company SEOM Sollentuna Energy and Environment / Stockholm.
2015 The company FAVEO / Stockholm.
2014 Gallery (Museum Amna Suraka) Sulaimaniya / Kurdistan
2012 Coffee / Gamlestan
2012 Gallery (Shanadar) Arbil / Kurdistan.
2012 Gallery National Museum Sulaimaniya / Kurdistan
2011 Kistamässa / Stockholm
2010 Infra City / Stockholm
2009 City conference / Stockholm
2003 ABF house / Falun
2001 Enebyberg library / Danderyd
2000 ABF house / Stockholm

Common exhibitions:
2018 Christmas salon at Jakobsberg konsthall / Stockholm
2018 Free Collor at Jakobsberg Kunsthall / Stockholm
2017 Our salon at Jakobsberg konsthall / Stockholm
2016 international group exhibition / London
2016 Gallery (Zamua) Kurdistan.
2015 The company Acx Foods / Stockholm
2014 Gallery Qatif / Sudia Al-Arabia
2013 Warsaw National Cultural House, Warsaw / Poland
2013 Gabala International art festival / Azerbajan
2013 Jakobsberg Kunsthall / Stockholm
2013 Sculptor in the park at Ängelsberg / Sweden
2013 Group exhibition Dar Al-Baeda / Morocco
2013 Ateljé Al-Asmak Doha / Qatar.
2012 Delhi / Indian
2012 ABF / Stockholm.
2012 Oslo / Norway
2012 Husby Konsthall (Mada2) & Iraqi Culture Center (Mada 2 Continuation) / Stockholm
2012 Gallery Iraqi culture center / Stockholm
2012 Kulturfyren / Stockholm.
2012 Arbil (International Youth Day)
2012 Iraqi culture center / Stockholm
2011 Darampor / Indian
2011 Delhi / Indian
2011 ABF / Uppsala
2011 Exhibition in nature Haga park / Solna
2010 Gallery Cerise / Stockholm
2010 Dalarö Tullhus museum Haninge / Stockholm
2010 coffee Art La Piazza at Infra city / Stockholm
2008 Art Hall Vällingby / Stockholm
From the year 1999-2014 all joint annual exhibitions via the Iraqi art association in Husby Konsthallen.

2016 Workshop & Symposium Azor / Morocco
2014 Workshop & Symposium Sulaimaniya / Kurdistan
2013 Workshop Hurghada art festival / Egypt
2012 Workshop & Symposium Al-Asmak, Doha / Qatar
2012 Workshop at Vällingby festival / Stockholm
2012 Workshop in Hurghada in Egypt
2011 Workshop & Symposium Chandigarh / Indian
2010 Workshop at (Haga park) / Solna, (Skansen) / Stockholm

Education / Membership
• 1989 Picture teacher at (Fine art institute in Kurdistan Iraq)
• 2008 VA engineer in Sweden
• Member of Konstforum, Järfälla / Sweden www.jarfallakonstforum.se
• Chairman of the board (Art for children)
• Member of Tellusart international art organization www.tellusart.org
• Member of the Iraqi Art Association www.iraqart.com
• Member of Upplands Väsby art club.
• Member of international organization (Art for human)
• Member of international art organization (Mada) www.madaartgroup.com
• Member of the Association of Swedish Artists. www.svenskskaonstnarsforbund.se
Symposium & Exhibition:
• 2018 Exhibition for 12 Swedish students together with artists / Stockholm
• 2014 First international art symposium with exhibition in Sulaimaniya / Kurdistan
• 2013 Ateljé Al-Asmak, Doha / Qatar
• 2013 Symposium Al-Asmak, Doha / Qatar
• 2012 Husby Konsthal, the project Sailing towards the north (Mada2).
• 2011 Symposium Preserve our planet alive, Delhi / Indian
• 2010 Symposium Tellusart, Stockholm / Sweden
• 2008 Workshop Husby Art Hall, Stockholm / Sweden.

In my paintings you discover my root and natural origin when I work with color and shape. Through my artistic talent, I have made it easier for me to handle the change in my life and to process all changes in an appropriate and relaxing way. I always try to integrate my thoughts and behavior with the culture and the people in my other homeland (Sweden).
My big wish is to see my son as a good artist as well.

I am happy to that I have had so many artistic projects now, I will continue to paint until my heart stops working, then my art lives on in history.



Ashna Dawlat


Ashna Dawlat

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